This is an ongoing project I created to challenge myself in learning the medium of facial capture - using both Faceware live and Faceware Analyzer/Retargeter.
I took a scene from the movie the social network and challenged myself to a dialogue piece that shows fear and anger portrayed by both a male and female character. 


I continue with cleaning/polishing this piece, but have updates here to show where I am at. 

The top video shows the head-cam video placed on the character rigs and how it is working with Analyzer/Retargeter.

The bottom video shows the left side data using Faceware live to the improvements I found with the right side data using Analyzer/Retargeter. 

Spring 2018


Seeding Sullivant is an upcoming project giving more insight into the building of ACCAD - Sullivant Hall. This project will incorporate facial capture being recorded and placed on low poly models of three major contributors to the building's history - Helen Alkire, Joseph Sullivant, and Bruce Wilder Saville. They will be narrating small portions of their contributions and history of the building. Updates will be posted as they come. 


Spring 2018