April 15th-19th, 2019:

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

DSN 6400 (DAIM Graduate Studio):

With this week, I focused on Phase II along with some to-do list items. But because the final for Phase II is due next week, I made it my priority.

Last week, I showcased this as my production spot for Phase II. I showed it to my fellow peer grad students in the class with me, and received some feedback from them on it in relation to character choice, motion, and intensity.


- Maria: not enough forward motion, more like a car wash, not intense enough; needs to go up/down and in/out - needs to show it

- Sara: good shuffle, little head move bring its to life; comes off as an older woman trying to navigate a crowd

- Abby: need to think about her placement in the scene (so staging); it's in a solid state, but needs a follow through on the action for idling; need to have people react with this in a rhythmic stage (when there is chanting) and also where chanting isn't happening

- Taylor: not super dramatic about her motion; weight of the coffin feels too light; no overlapping action in the body weight (but that is due to the capture and that avatar); only in the middle moment of it all does she seem angry

- Noor: add a possible second look down again - it'll make it more believable; coffin color should be different - needs to pop out and be shown that it is there, but also be true to the time

Taking all of this feedback and commentary in, I did a re-shoot of this, and will post the videos of it below. This time, instead of take data from a male figure, with little motion, and no facial - I focused on the full picture. I can't just try to focus on achieving a passable motion, but need to get every detail as accurate in authentic live action performance, so that it translates into my motion capture performance. So in re-shooting this specific part, I did 10 takes for what I am calling the 'coffin lady'. This time, I used a female, with a variety of intensity in the motion, and included facial capture work.

(Videos to be uploaded soon, some in BuckeyeBox).

Next Steps:

Moving forward with this to present for Phase II, I plan on remapping this data onto a different avatar character - one closer to the images I've found of this coffin lady, and then start working from there and getting feedback of comparing the two, and having my fellow animators help me with my director's eye and artistic eye.

How valuable was the work this week, what did it yield for you? What did you learn? What didn’t you learn?

This week, with all of the theory that I have been reading, and all of the feedback I've gotten, I realized I really need to amplify my own observational skills when it comes to reading my data, and not let the fear of 'not being an expert' prevent me from asking for the changes I need. I need to direct in a way that my actor understands my goals and the emotions I want from the characters. I then need to thoroughly analyze the data, not just with my own eye, but also with the help of others, to see what needs improvement or what is working/isn't working. And then from there, I need to apply that motion to an avatar and see how I need to adjust for the motion. The beginning phases of directing and performance capture are vital to carry out the rest of the design process, so it's better to recapture and get what I need, than to heavy load my work later on in editing mode.

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