April 16th-22nd, 2018:

DSN 6400:

When Abby and I began working on our 6-week prototype, we had our proposal spell out what we were going to do each week in order to get two scenes set up, with interactivity and transitions between them. But after discussing it with Maria, she advised us to focus just on the initial scene, where the user is Ruby. So we switched our focus around to get a solidified version of the first scene.

Over these six weeks, I feel like I have been able to get about 75% of my goals met within that scene, all but fixing the animation. I wanted to switch the characters from the once robot-looking characters, to the one's that I made in FUSE as well as get the looping correct.

So I had about 25 FUSE characters all together, and applying them to the animations was easy, but time consuming. From there, I repeated animations in the crowd, offset them, and then changed the character that was performing it, so that there would be some differentiation. That meant creating an individual animation controller for each of the characters and animations before duplicating them. Here is what it ended up looking like post all of that:



Here are some stills of the Animation Controllers that I had to make for each of the characters, as well as the animations and how they had to be organized/named for each of the crowd members to function:


As we begin our fall semester, Abby and I are going to continue working on this process of really defining this scene, and moving on to the next scene of interactivity. I want to accomplish over the summer what I wasn't able to do this semester - which is polishing the animation. Quit having feet slide, and arms translate through the body. This is a task that I will have to do in MotionBuilder, before bringing it in to Unity. It's extremely time extensive though, and will need attention,

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