April 9th-15th, 2018:

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

DSN 6400:

This week was when Abby and I got to start applying our feedback that we received from the Open House. Steps that I needed to pursue included:

- Transfer the FUSE character made avatars onto the data rather than the robot-looking avatars

- Lock the feet of the animations in place so that there isn't weird jumping occurring

- Fix certain animations to be more key-frame like

- Think about possible areas to 'end' the scene

Below shows one of the characters I designed in FUSE functioning in Mixamo, finally rigged and ready to go into the Unity scene. I had to open up all 26 FUSE models, send them to Mixamo, and wait for them to go through the auto rigger before seeing results such as this:

DSN 6300:

This upcoming week, we have our research proposal to complete, so that we can present them for our fist year review. Attached below, is the theoretical framework table I created, that relates to what I may want to focus on in my thesis, but pertains to the Ruby Bridges project that Abby and I are working on right now. I also have some research questions listed of where I may be heading with my research:

1. What characteristics does motion capture have to offer in the creation of compelling characters in a virtual reality narrative experience?

2. What happens (what are the effects) of enhanced motion capture in a mediated visual performance? (Think about the word 'enhanced' - what am I doing to 'improve' motion capture here?)

3. What is the impact of virtual reality that uses motion capture on the creation of an immersive experience?

Some other things that we discussed in Mary Anne's class about my specific project included:

1. To me 'enhanced mocap' is

- Focus on what you do while you're capturing

- Exaggerating it by working with data to make it into a form to bring it into the immersive medium

2. Does it matter that the user knows what they're viewing was done with motion capture?

- Tool so you can use it to make something you otherwise wouldn't be able to

3. Look up the history of motion capture and why it has become so popular with animation

4. I am curious what it has to offer my process with a virtual reality experience that elicits an emotional response

Some other things that we discussed in Mary Anne's class about research methods included:

- Mary Anne is noticing students are using more 'mixed methods' of research

- Think about ways of gathering information from people

- Find methods related to creative practice

- Let's look at places that have solved this problem before and how they came to those decisions

- Research Ethics

- ***Tell us first about the background information (topic) and then use this year's experiences to rationalize why it is a good topic for you***

- Next steps - way for us to know so that you recognize how much work needs to happen this summer

- ***Explain other people's ideas and how it relates to your project***

- Thesis needs to be about the making

- Critical making and critical play are what Zach focused on in his theory - focused on process rather than outcome

- How can this apply to other things? (Talking about design process)

- Take things you learn from the previous two years, and thread them into your defense to show how the program has molded you

- Use this summer for reading time - theories

- Can't just presume that because you're a designer, you're a good storyteller - how is it being told?

- Convince us that you know what you're talking about from all of the information you have been reading (the context to show that you're aware)


This week we have our 4th project due before going on to the task of our final project. For the fourth project, I captured some of the Ohio State cheerleaders doing their routines. I then in post have to clean the data using animation layers and the story tool. This requires me to take 3 of their takes, and merge them together into on synchronized take so it looks like a one solid, fluid motion, rather than 3 takes combined.

This will help me in my 6400 project for data editing. I need to practice my skills more in editing animation and seeing how performers move. The ways they jump, land, have overlapping action, and make it seem 'natural'.

Below are some of the movements that I used:

Taylor and Clayton from the OSU Cheer Team

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