August 21st-31st, 2018:

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

Finally back to Ohio State and ready for Grad School Year 2! These first couple of weeks focused on getting classes in order and GRA work prepped. So here are my accomplishments of the week:

DSN 6400 (Graduate Design Studio):

For our first meeting of this class, we had to be divided into groups of similar interests to create a five week project of our choice - the main factor within it needed to be interactivity. We could do whatever we liked with it, but just have that one element as a central point. As we (Joe, Zoey, and Tesha) began brainstorming, many ideas were thrown out there, but below is a sketch of our idea that we pitched to our professor. It is a take away of combining a storyboarding element with a traveling element experience in VR - and we landed on this interactive digital graffiti idea. It would be a bit broader than simply graffiti, but mainly giving the design elements to an artist inside VR. Now to make this different than Tilt Brush, we would imply the element of not having a 3D environment, but 360 photos as our environment. We would give access to the user to upload personal 360 photos and then have them design over it.

Alan gave us feedback on this project in discussing:

  • If you move out of the center of the sphere, it no longer looks correct and you can more immediately recognize the shape of the sphere you are inside.

  • This could be resolved, and some interesting ideas might result, if the paint effects landed on (invisible) surfaces that may be at different distances in front of the photo. Perhaps the user could even control that distances.

  • Think about making some of the art tools conducive to drawing on the environment for design planning purposes - either for measuring, sketching out architectural renovation, placement of objects, etc.

  • So basically you would make an application that allows for painting onto a photo in real time. But what you design is what will make it interesting, some of those things are:

  • the photo is spherical and in VR

  • the photo can be provided by the user

  • the paint tools can be created and extended in any number of ways and up to you, including ones that demonstrate possible future uses or purpose for such an application in VR

From here, our group continued to brainstorm on how to make this project fit to our research interests, and make sure that it was possible during the time frame, without recreating something from scratch.

ENG 6778.01 (Introduction to Graduate Study in Film and Film Theory):

I have discovered after two class periods - this will be my favorite course. I am taking it in order to receive my GIS (Graduate Interdisciplinary Study - a.k.a. - a graduate minor) and this is the first course in that discipline that I signed up for. Each week we read about 4-5 articles on a subject matter within film (this week being Race and Birth of American Cinema) and watch 2-3 films pertaining to that subject. This week, the films were Battle of Elderbush Gulch (1913), selections from Birth of a Nation (1915), The Cheat (1915), and Within Our Gates (1919).

Notes from the class/weekly discussion are posted below:

FILM 7000 (Graduate Studies in Film History):

A lovely trip to the library archives. Professor Ryan Friedman took our class over to the Thompson Library Special Collections in order to learn more about their exclusive content, research process, and helpful instruction and location of non-filmic work in suite of our research interests.

The class consisted of two staff members there, Lisa Iacobellis and Beth Kattelman. Both ladies gave us examples of early non-film pieces from the 1920s and 1930s to look at and research, and then instructed us to share some of that knowledge we found while there.

ARTEDUC 7725 (Re-Imagining Research Writing):This class aids research writing to prepare for thesis writing in the upcoming semesters. We completed a question/answer response paper so that our professor, Candace Stout, would be able to see what we thought of ourselves as writers.

This first meeting was mainly to get to know each other in a professor to student relationship, student to student relationship, and then find a gage of where all of our writing is.

GRA (Graduate Research Assistant):As we start this new semester, we have a grant to do some amazing work within virtual reality collaborating with the medical department at Ohio State. I can't go into details on the project, but motion capture and virtual reality represent primary factors of the project. This week, a Fuse Character was made, and tested with some old facial data. The blendshapes however weren't connecting to the eyes from Faceware's Victor over onto the Fuse self-made character. So after examining the relation constraint and seeing there were no blendshape attributes for "Eyes Look Left", "Eyes Look Right", "Eyes Look Up", and "Eyes Look Down" on the Fuse character - I simply made an additional relation constraint for the rotations of the eyes onto those characteristics of the Victor rig.

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