February 26th-March 4th, 2018:

4-Week Prototype Presentation

(Link: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/f1daf1_d2d57c4d3f9340aeb2a07f71f2e63d03.pdf)

Problem: We are trying to discover how the combination of two mediums (motion capture and virtual reality) can affect children as an educational tool, hoping to bring out cognitive empathy in their point of view experience of Ruby. Now we have gotten temporary data to test on, but wish to move forward with the objective side of the study.

Results of the 4-week project are show in the link above.


During our presentation of where we came these past four weeks, these are some of the comments/critiques/questions we received:


- "Look into Suzanne Keane, Dr. Bruce Perry, and Mary Jordan when researching empathy"

- Our Response: Going to look into them as we move ahead in research


- "What are the qualities of virtual reality that are different from film?"

- "So far this is excellent progress and a nice foundation, but now moving forward go towards objectives"

- Our Response: This is one factor that Abby and I are trying to discover. What makes these mediums successful or unsuccessful in telling this story? This is more of the conceptual side - focusing on the objectives.


-"How can you reduce things in terms of style for your audience?"

- Our Response: We haven't quite gotten to figure out our aesthetic yet. We don't want a realistic approach in look, but definitely in the way we tell the story, we want it to be authentic


- "Have you contacted the author of the children's book while doing your research?"

- Our Response: We haven't contacted the author of the Story of Ruby Bridges, Robert Coles, to discuss the story directly. But like I said in class, we are going to try to meet up with designers of the Power of Children exhibit at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. We are going to meet with the director of education, director of designing exhibits, and the director of the Power of Children exhibit specifically. We want to pick their brains on what decisions and choices they made in this design, navigation paths, information included, etc.


- "Think about developmental psychology"

- Our Response: Going to look into it as we move ahead in research

Mary Anne

-"Learning theory may help you deliver your message"

- Our Response: Going to look into it as we move ahead in research


During the process, I found my part to have gotten really good results of data to use in terms of telling the story. The direction part is where I am struggling because I want to get the right emotion, but for a prototype I think that the motion capture part of the project, and getting it into Unity was beneficial in learning.

Next Steps

Moving forward, Abby and I are going to discuss how to approach our objectives. We've gotten the technical side pretty far, but now we need to get the narrative and concept down. So we are going to sit down this weekend and devise a proposal together to have our next steps prepared.

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