January 14th-18th, 2019:

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

DSN 6400 (DAIM Graduate Studio):

Approach: Going into this week, we needed to figure out our technical approach to the skills that we wanted to work on, and the process in designing this project. I've broken this down into four steps (that I list below), but then go into how I worked with this in choices made and next steps.

1. MAYA ASSET GROWTH: The first technical aspect is how to get my beginning scenes of the moss to grow. This will occur in Maya, but I’m looking at tutorials to have a growth pattern to occur. I have to look at vine videos though and then tweak them from there.

2. MAYA GRAVITY: My second step in the process is having to play with gravity in Maya to get the moss to fall to the ground in a believable fashion.

3. MOTION BUILDER PROP ATTACHMENT: Then I am going to attach the data I took of Leah riding the bike and include that on the Maya object bike I have as an asset. That will run over the moss on the ground in the storyboard. This is just a step in the process that I already have the technical skill for (I believe) and hoping I won’t need to trouble shoot any problems. 4. MOTION BUILDER RELATIONSHIP CONSTRAINTS: Working with MotionBuilder is going to be the second of two technical parts of the project that I need to work on and learn. I am going to do a one-to-one relationship of the data into the lighting, colors, etc. But it’s the prototyping to see how that data works. What assets do I want it to affect? The leaves, the moss, the speed of their growth or change of direction they move – what is going to portray my story the best visually?

Choices Made: For this week, I started with adding the data onto an avatar to see how it looked and worked, and to see what points stood out to me. From there I started thinking about the assets that I would need, including a bike model and also an environment model. So I've begun looking for free assets for that.

Bike asset for possible scene

HDRI image for SkyDome within Maya file

Next Steps: Moving forward from here, I plan on tackling those technical skills that I have listed above. This includes the vine simulation for the Spanish moss to try and get the growth effect. Below I have attached the videos that I plan on watching and then replicating but not to the same effect, but to get the intricate detail of spanish moss rather than vine-y leaves.


ACCAD 5194.01 (Performance and Narrative in VR):

Today in class we thoroughly discussed some of the VR podcasts that we all listened to in the past week, along with the David Saltz article. After the discussion, Vita and Alex then had us go play-test some of the Google Spotlight stories on Steam.

Google Spotlight Stories: Age of Sail

Google Spotlight Stories: Pearl

Google Spotlight Stories: Piggy

Google Spotlight Stories: Son of Jaguar

Google Spotlight Stories: Sonaria

Vita gave her lecture: 360, VR Animations and Experiences Inspiration in Art and Literature

Alex gave his lecture: Immersive Theater

During these lectures, I was introduced into a lot of case studies via literature as well as VR experiences and immersive theater scenarios. Here are some of the references that I plan on looking into some more via the suggestions each of them made.

• The City and the City - China Miéville

Mattress Factory

Back to the Moon

Sleep No More

Prudencia Heart

Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment

Delusion: The Blue Blade

Delusion: Lies Within

The Object Lesson - Geoff Sobelle

Elements of Oz: Producing Live Video and Interactive Theater


FILM 7001 (Feminist Film Theory):


GRA (Graduate Research Assistant):

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