January 28th-February 1st, 2019:

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

DSN 6400 (DAIM Graduate Studio):

Approach: Going into this week, I know I really needed to crank out work for the Memory Moments project. It's due next Tuesday (Feb. 5th), and rendering is going to take up a huge chunk of my time. But I know lighting here needs to look it's best, so I wanted to get the final scene (the one with the most lighting focus) ahead of schedule.

Choices Made:

First, I set up the camera angle that I wanted. Given my memory is about riding a bike beneath the trees, I knew I needed an angle that was looking up. This would be most effective since it's about the visuals of being on the ground moving rather than staring in front of me. That might indicate just a straight-ahead walk.

Second, I multiplied the moss as much as I could within that camera view because that is where all of the light will be coming through.

Third, after making lighting adjustments and tweaks, I could then go in and render out the shot, and add some lighting techniques in post (Premiere) to get the proper feeling I'm looking for.

Next Steps:

Now that I have the scene rendered out for the final half of the project, my next steps are finishing up the bike data to affect the front half of the project, and then process with rendering on Monday.

This is the portion of the animatic where the moss grows and then falls to the ground, and then the transition of that into the tree shot above.

I also want to see what effects I can use to get more of a sun-beam effect rather than a sun-flare effect, but because I am not proficient in lighting, that is where the post work is coming in handy. Testing in Premiere their effects is helpful in trying to achieve the streaky feeling I intend.

How valuable was the work this week, what did it yield for you? What did you learn? What didn’t you learn?

I learned so much this week about Arnold and lighting. I watched the tutorials below about sunbeams, different lights to use specifically for rendering in Arnold for Maya, and also how to add post lighting effects in Premiere. Because this isn't a section of Maya (lighting) that I am familiar with, it was interesting to see all of the different set ups needed in order to create the proper effect. It was also challenging because the tutorials mainly showed lighting an interior space, where my environment was outside, and shadows are a big role in the scene. So I needed to make my own calls on what would benefit the project most, with my newfound light knowledge.


This week, I also met with two 6-year olds who will be helping out with my thesis project. I've been communicating with the families for some time now via email/phone calls, but this was an opportunity for them to meet me in person, see the motion lab space, and also see if the suit fits them properly for the data to be caught.

Moving forward from here, we are planning on doing a shoot in about 2 weeks to get the data for Scene 2 of our project.

ACCAD 5194.01 (Performance and Narrative in VR):

This week in our narrative and VR class, Vita and Alex discussed projects out there that help with the mechanics not only within VR, but also learning them. It's very difficult to learn a new type of medium, but within the context of its tools as well, such as the headset and controllers. So they had us test out Job Simulator during class to get us familiar with the physical use of the tools we had in our hands, and how to properly use them while in the VR space. What did they control? How do they respond to your movements? Is this design beneficial or harmful?

We are also finishing up a Tilt Brush project due for next Monday (Feb. 4th). I decided to go with a Highlights for Children picture find. I used to play these all the time in the magazines at the dentist's office, so I thought recreating one in 3D space would be an interesting find. And a great way to learn the intricacies of Tilt Brush.

Progress Video:

FILM 7001 (Feminist Film Theory):

- Class cancelled (snow day)

GRA (Graduate Research Assistant):

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