January 8th-14th 2018:

Maria sat down with the class this week for the first time and discussed her expectations of our commitment to document and process our ideas and thoughts, regardless of their success or use, into a weekly journal. This journal would be the foundation of our soon-to-be theses and aid us in remembering and pulling from past documentation and thoughts.

But with all that, diving straight into DSN 6400, this week consisted of figuring out the process of how to research my own personal biography of art projects and the methods that got me to Ohio State. And then through this, what I want to achieve moving forward. I analyzed my path of how I began in the field of art in general, narrowed it down to college decisions for animation, and then decided to continue my education.


What I did this week was begin gathering all of my past projects and resources on my history within the art field to start producing my Explainer Video. I looked into what I did both at SCAD and during my first semester here at OSU and started editing them together to tell a chronological story of where I began to where I am now in my design field.

I did 3 drafts (so far) of my script that have been revised my Maria to get to the point of each subject, as well as edit together an animatic to show the pacing, order, and content of what subjects I want to include in my explainer video.


Also this week I started to do research into what I want to explore this upcoming semester in the DSN 6400 class, specifically with a new VR/mocap experience project Abby and I proposed. My research for this has consisted of motion capture experiences and studies as well as immersiveness and how different human beings learn whether that be visual or verbal.


In approaching this week focusing on the Explainer Video, I got to this point in thinking about:

  • The people in my life who got me to first take an interest in art

  • How those people then helped me get into the field of art

  • Where my interests lied specifically (What medium of art? What subject matter?)

  • How I chose to go on this journey in art as a career path?

  • Getting to college – what was that process?

  • What classes and experiences I made in college to shape who I am in the field of animation?

  • How those then got me to OSU?

  • What I want to accomplish and learn at OSU?

  • Then how do I go about explaining this verbally and visually

  • And then from that verbal explanation and visual representation, how do I balance it out in determining which is more valuable in a specific area of the Explainer Video? Does talking benefit more for this section, or can the visual explain it for itself?

  • What themes do I want to explore in future projects?

  • What mediums should I use to expand my skillset while also being beneficial to projects?

So in approaching the explainer video, I went about thinking who I was a lot, so those questions were fairly easy to answer. But when speaking about where I wanted to take my art in further projects, I approached that with research on research. And by that I mean discovering what research has already started to be done with motion capture and virtual reality, specifically in relation to education and immersiveness.


Discovery on my family, my superiors in regards to faculty, and my peers within my programs where all other people involved in my research findings. In my research I definitely confirmed my father and mother’s background journeys to getting me into the field of animation. Both of them are very artistic, specifically with my father previously attending CCAD and being a syndicated political cartoonist.

My superiors were the faculty at SCAD who helped my animation career and interest and motion capture. Here at OSU, I am greatly influenced in projects I want to do and where I want to take my career with my boss and teacher Vita. But specifically this week it was more with Maria’s advisement with all of my drafts of my script and editing them down to get to the points of what I want to say on who I am as a designer.

My peers were discussing my work with Abby on what we want to do next with our upcoming project idea for this semester in developing a prototype for our VR/mocap experience.


When/Where: My time researching this was mainly in class, but also outside of it giving me an advantage to make an animatic rather than a storyboard as well as start dropping in actual footage rather than just stills. I spent most of my time at ACCAD doing so, along with time during the weekends.


Each portion of my script has value within my video to display the openings on my journey to animation. I’ve been editing them down to only contain the content worth sharing, such as why animation, why SCAD, why OSU, and where I am going with it all.

I made the choice to state my history of determining how I wanted to be an animator, what projects I’ve produced thus far at OSU, and what future endeavors I want to learn about and make in the remaining time of my master’s program.

I chose to tell the history of myself to give insight to those who don’t know me and don’t know where my passions originated from. I chose to discuss what I’ve produced so far to also tell where my skills are and what I have done with that reflects what the faculty has instilled in me so far. I’ve learned new software and technical skills, but I really want to emphasize why those are relevant and by discussing last semester’s projects, I think it’ll come full circle on where my focus is. And then I have chosen to discuss my future project idea to show how I am growing in thinking about my concepts in depth and the exploration of new skills.  

Now the why reasoning behind every decision I make is still to be determined, but while I am at Ohio State, I feel that my ideas and thoughts are expanding to help me figure out where I want to take my technical skills in the future. I still hold unanswered questions, but those are the foundation of where I want to go and find the answers both in technology and research. What I mean by this is, I have ideas of projects and designs I want to make. And I have the tools on how I want to make them. But I haven’t quite figured out why I want to do them. But more and more I am thinking of the logic behind what I create and how it reflects back on me as a human and what I want to share with the world. So this week has helped me practice thinking about the whys more often than ignoring them.


Specifically, in doing research on the prototype project, I found information on why the brain desires movement, how we need to dive into virtual reality and motion capture for realistic experiences, and how we can channel that technology into immersive education. These articles that I discovered helped me in deciding that using motion capture to do a performance for education and see how audience’s react and feel is valuable to the learning system of both education and technology.

Some of these articles are attached above.


While doing all of this research, there are still questions that I find need answering, but I won’t be discovering them any time soon until I take the foundation steps. For example:

  • What do I want to research next quarter?

  • How do I take what I have learned and translate it into a project so that it is relevant to the story? Could this story happen without it?

  • Why this medium?


From here I would like to continue to do research on immersiveness within virtual reality and how experiencing a (mocap) performance within it can change the way people perceive stories. This is going to take work in reading more articles that deal with how kids learn, why they are learning what they are, if immersiveness is more likely to work on them as a target audience or not, along with many other technology and reaction related questions. Also this requires Abby and I to go out and discuss things with groups involved in whatever children’s story we choose along with getting permissions and grants to help grow this area of study.

I also want to gain more technical knowledge within Unity and streaming into it for motion capture and virtual reality. Those are the two primary mediums being used for the Ruby Bridges project we want to do, so I need to understand the software more to get it working in our prototype.


What was the most difficult thing about the work this week?

The most difficult part is trying to explain your ideas to other people as well as talk about yourself. Discussing myself is a struggle, as it is for most people, because you have to find a happy medium in sounding sure of yourself without being egotistical. But also you want to show you have worth in the work that you’re making and discover how you got there.

Trying to explain my ideas to other people is also difficult. I’m not worried that they won’t understand what I am saying, but rather I am worried about if they can visually see what I see. Have the same vision for the work and see what I want to accomplish. Have the same excitement I do. And especially in such a professional environment, get support and help in carrying out those ideas to a finished production.

What was the most satisfying thing about the work this week?

Even though the prompt called for only a storyboard this week, I was satisfied in creating a full animatic with some assets already included along with a practice run-through of my first script reading. For me it was nice to accomplish the goal of doing a little bit of extra work so that I can already have the layout for when I go make a final animatic and video in the end.

Cloudhead Games uses VR to inject actors into scenes while capturing motion data for animation using the HTC Vive and Perception Neuron motion capture tech.

Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert starts from a surprising premise: the brain evolved, not to think or feel, but to control movement. In this entertaining, data-rich talk he gives us a glimpse into how the brain creates the grace and agility of human motion.

First attempt of Explainer Video Draft 01 (animatic).

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