June 19th, 2018:

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018:

DAY 07:

Off site day! So today, Troy wanted to get me to be able to set up a system from scratch, as if we were going off site, and do a capture. So we literally got all the quipment to set up a small system.

1. 6 tripods

2. 6 Vicon T-40 cameras

3. 6 cables

4. 1 computer

5. mouse/keyboard

6. 1 monitor

7. 1 Vicon giganet box

8. markers/tape

9. Vicon wand

We began by figuring out what our dimensions were (6 ft. x 6 ft.) - Troy says that the MINIMUM distance between your subject area and your Vicon cameras needs to be 6 feet. So we taped off a square in the middle to define our space, and then set up the tripods around it to see a good space. Before attaching the Vicon cameras, we actually took one apart to see where the filter was and lens attachment, to know what the inside of these look like. From there we attached all of our Vicon cameras properly with hex plates to the top of each mount.

We also set up the work station with the camera, monitor, giganets, mouse, keyboard, DVI cables, etc. to have a station to monitor Blade off of. We opened up Blade from there and began to connect - which all turned the cameras to red strobes with blue indicator lights - so it was working!

We did a wand wave to get the calibration down, but then once we set the origin - we didn't immediately go to do a floor calibration. We set markers in the space (the 8th picture below) to re-position the cameras to have them point in the area that we wanted to see. We also did this by holding a marker at the top of the space so we knew a height indicator as well. That is when we got to calibrate the floor and finish the space.

DAILY HOURS: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (9 hours)


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