June 20th, 2018:

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018:

DAY 08:

Finger capture! Today is our testing of finger capture with the body! Our actor for the day was Moira, and we also got to show her some of the process of what happens.

Once we got her all suited up, Troy showed me proper placement for fingers, of which I included a drawn version below in the photos. We got to do low finger capture (where we only use 3 markers and then the system takes the data from the pinky and applies it to the ring, and then takes the index and applies it to the middle).

We got to do some dance capture with Moira (shown in video below) to have something to work with, and then from there did the process of reconstructing, labeling, and compressing.

Troy showed me the way that he does that at House of Moves.

1. Reconstruct the data (no necessary changes)

2. Create Labeling Setup (go in and change the colors to that of which the subject/prop is. This way, in reference video, the animators can compare the colors to the data and know which one they are working on.) Also, make sure the naming scheme is Motion Builder, you have side markers, and that you have finger markers set to 3 (since we were using finger capture).

4. Label the ROM

5. Scrub through the ROM to see if there are any flips or swapping markers and fix those BEFORE CALIBRATION!

6. Calibrate

7. Save the Character Management (vss, vsk)

8. Solve (again make sure that the colors of the solving bones match the color of the outfit of the subject); also change the fingers to Full for safety measures

9. Create solving subject

10. Save the HDF, then save another version of the HDF and add "_B_lbl" to the naming convention so we know this is the 'best label'

Dance capture with Moira (above)

Finger capture shown in Blade (above)

From here we handed off the data to other animators to work on and moved on to MotionBuilder. We took some of the data, and Troy taught me the 'Actor' portion of MotionBuilder. This tool isn't used often, but is good to know if you can only stream marker data rather than bone data as well. So this was a tedious process, that took a lot of meticulous movement of mesh, but it worked to allow the data to move in MoBu.

He also showed me a bit of Vicon Tracker system - something he suggests is very helpful for accurate motion in terms of 0's and 1's that can be transferred into whatever software the client needs.

DAILY HOURS: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (9 hours)


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