March 26th-April 1st, 2018:

Updated: Mar 29, 2018

This week started off with me getting opportunities to go to a couple animation workshops hosted by JP Sans (Dreamworks Animation) and legendary Disney animator, Floyd Norman.


On Saturday, Dreamworks Animator JP Sans gave a background presentation along with a 4 hour workshop explaining Line of Action, Center of Gravity, Beats and Accents, Body Language, and Point of Focus. It was probably one of the most beneficial workshops I've ever gone to in regards to the relevant amount of information that he gave to story, performance, and movement for animation. The following images are my notes that I took during his 4 individual presentations.


For Floyd Norman, the animator from Disney, he gave a Masterclass on Monday the 26th, explaining his own time at Disney and the projects he worked on (both those that were released and some that were not.) He gave insight to his time with Walt Disney at Disney Animation along with Steve Jobs and John Lasseter at Pixar.


This week, Abby and I are putting our focus into our Ruby Bridges project and getting all of the plot and narratives finished for scene 01 (aka the prologue) since we will be presenting next week at the ACCAD Open House.

We met with Maria last week to discuss getting the prologue down of just having the user interact as Ruby. In regards to that, we want to get the animation, sounds, and Ruby interaction down so that next week the user can experience all of those.

My main focus has been the animation. I have been trying to get the motion capture sequences on a crowd generator to duplicate the crowd scene in Unity. Here are some test tutorials I have watched on YouTube to help understand both getting mocap data into Unity and then simulating crowds from it:

Here is my assessment of figuring out which pieces of mocap data to include in the animation:

Here is my process of getting the animations to work in a generic Unity scene that will eventually merge with the Unity school scene Abby has been making:

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