March 6th-25th, 2018:

Updated: Mar 27, 2018

Abby and I talked about where we would go with the next 6 weeks to advance this project. We decided to continue in the direction of creating the first steps of a vertical slice from the story of Ruby Bridges - focusing on organizing the animations and narrative.

In this section of the project, will be creating a prototype that contains simply the experience of the user being Ruby. We discussed our layout plan (photographed above) with Maria and determined that we are going to focus on the prologue scene more than the interactive mode scene. This will get the feeling of immersion down for the user first, and then from there we can build upwards with interactivity. The user will begin the experience as Ruby, with minimal control of their surroundings.

If we can continue and gain advancement, from there the scene will become more interactive and the user will gain the ability to navigate the environment. There will be interactable objects to collect and examine, containing background information from the time period and location. The actors will involve more sound and potential facial capture to get the experience heightened, but that is further down the line.

We took into consideration the critique that we received from our initial prototype. Our objectives were reframed to focus on the story and less on the technology, and we will continue to focus on function and interaction instead of aesthetic appearance.

These past couple of weeks I have been primarily focusing on getting the overall data of the first scene (of which we are calling the prologue - where the user plays Ruby) into one Unity file. This involved duplicating/replicating motion capture data to make a mob into a large group that made you as the user feel immersed.

Progress on this will be posted soon due to some complications of the data shutting down Unity since there is a lot of it in there. (By this I mean, I have about 75 duplicates of motion capture data running in Unity at once, and it's lagging a bit to the point where it shuts down).

Other aspects I worked on though were looking at the actual people who were there that day, and using them as reference for a formation of characters to attach to that data. No longer will it involve the characters of the Xbot from Mixamo, but some custom built Fuse characters to see if that helps increase the narrative believe-ability.

(above) Barbara Henry

(above) Lucille Bridges

(above) Mob Woman 01

(above) Mob Woman 02

(above) Mob Woman 03

(above) Mob Woman 04

(above) Mob Woman 05

(above) Mob Woman 06

(above) Mob Woman 07

(above) Mob Woman 08

(above) Mob Woman 09

(above) Mob Woman 10

(above) Mob Man 01

(above) Mob Man 02

(above) Mob Man 03

(above) Mob Man 04

(above) Mob Man 05

(above) Mob Man 06

(above) Police Officer 01

(above) Police Officer 02

(above) Police Officer 03

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