May 28th-29th, 2019:

First day of my new internship at Activision Central Tech's motion capture studio! Yesterday I had orientation over at their headquarters with the rest of the interns, but from the conversations I had, all of them are business related, HR related, or cyber security related. Some have internships related to software and technology, but I am the only one in the Santa Monica area working on animation work that I know of.

During orientation, the day began with an introduction greeting from the president of Activision, Rob Kostich. He gave a bit of his background to us, where he started in the industry, and what roles he worked in throughout his process of making his way up the ladder.

From there, members of HR and University Relations gave us a history of Activision as a company, it's philosophy and games, and the studio culture. We also got security and calendar updates before bonding with fellow interns. From there, we were taken up to the gaming floor (picture below) where we were all encouraged to play one of Activision's many games as 'research'. Then the tour of the building, and meeting of our managers.

A small part of the day that I found supportive was some of the Ohio State alumni who worked there, who came down to meet their fellow 'buckeye'. It just really showed how a community of networking really leads people to meet others from similar backgrounds.

On Wednesday, I began my first day at Activision Central Tech's motion capture studio. Upon arrival, I set up the typical intern stuff (email, clocking in, etc.), but then met some of the software engineers, user experience designers, and motion capture leads at this studio. I spent the most of my day getting a foundation breakdown of Vicon Blade, a program I am pretty familiar with, from Mike Jantz, the Senior Motion Capture Lead at this studio. I am creating a google doc for myself to take notes on, and learn the pipeline and process of working with Activision's methods of motion capture development and animation. Great first start! Right into the waters of playing with mocap in the industry!

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