May 30th-31st, 2019:

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Today I got to learn the front end of working on the stage with Andrew Lopez, the Performance Capture Lead at this studio. He showed me the setup of their systems at the stage, the pipeline for their shoot day, and the processing of the data afterwards.

For NDA reasons, I cannot go into them all, but it completely makes sense in the breakdown of how each step in the pipeline relates to one another.

As I work with these individuals here at the studio, I am beginning to see what roles I would like to potentially work in as I start thinking about my career. In a motion capture studio, there needs to be a stage crew and a post crew that works on the performance data. That needs to be the expertise of the person rather than having the same person work on both.

I am learning both while I am here, but at these early stages, I am leaning towards stage. Working and collaborating with the performers and driving the captures seems extremely exciting for me, but I know that I need to understand the back end of the pipeline as well, which is coming along with practice data I am editing.

For my upcoming projects and work, my manager made this list of my job position:

Performance Capture

- Supporting and assisting the mocap team on production shoots, cleaning and delivering production data as part of our mocap team

Key Learnings:

- Shoot day logistics, asset prep, capture processes, system operation, prop management etc

- Troubleshooting and problem-solving under shoot day pressures

- Production tools and pipeline for preparation and delivery of mocap data to ATVI studios

- Working with game studio assets

CTX Face Pipeline

- Learning all aspects of our facial capture and animation pipeline. Working on facial Animation for Call of Duty 2020 and other projects

Key Learnings:

- Lightstage capture process for actor likeness acquisition

- HMC facial capture process during performance capture shoots

- Facial marker tracking and contour tracking using CTX Feature Tracker

- Facial animation generation using CTX Face Solver

- Adding eye animation and other animation polish using Maya

Also, here is a picture of all of us interns for the summer:

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