October 1st-5th, 2018:

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

DSN 6400 (Graduate Design Studio):

Abby and I had to present our pitch this week for where we are taking our Ruby Bridges thesis project. During the class discussion, we received a lot of feedback concerning how we should approach this issue given the reservations that we have.

Some of Alan's notes:

- How do you design and make that scene happen without just technical; you’re creating that crowd, not really Ruby’s experience

- We can work from profiles and make those people and you get thrown into the middle of it and you’ll experience oppression; crowd mentality; what is that experience which can get out of hand when we try to tell the whole story

- Take a piece of that maybe outside the framework of one little girls experience- maybe more universal; first scene has strongest emotional impact - sense of impending violence; overwhelming ignorance; fear to capture that moment?

- Relate to confrontations of how people don’t want you in their country - this could be anyone

- Embodiment; self representation; how do we represent the subconscious mind of Ruby? - - Interpretive space - you just see the conflict; no captions;

- Decision making challenge: avatar or not? Giving them some idea of what it is like of being surrounded that way

- All of these questions stat informing what you’re doing - but once you put that in there what are you going to do with it. Go for designing that personal, visceral, tangible experience, not what are theories we can test to make that happen but go in the direction of intuitive creative process; when you put the headset on you have closer proximity; everything is so far away, you need to make it feel like it is happening to you; there are more fundamental things like that we need to explore

- Real violence - Jordan Wolfson? He’s exploiting that proximity and visceral experience - you cannot look away

- We have control of the environment like a theatrical performance; choreographing for attention and gaze; comes from other disciplines like theater

- Vail of ignorance - John Rolls (Sara comment)

Below is a link to what we presented:

DSN 6400 10-week Project Presentation

ENG 6778.01 (Introduction to Graduate Study in Film and Film Theory):

This week focused on Auteur Theory. We watched Shadow of a Doubt by Alfred Hitchcock and The Big Sleep by Howard Hawks. Both of these directors are identified as auteur directors or, " a filmmaker whose personal influence and artistic control over a movie are so great that the filmmaker is regarded as the author of the movie". Our conversation was a solid discussion about the representation of credits in a cast, the role of the woman in film, and the virile attitude about auteur films.

FILM 7000 (Graduate Studies in Film History):

The subject was "Hollywood's African American Films: Black Became the Fad & Hallelujah!" Leah was our discussion leader and she was able to connect the reading (written by our professor, Ryan Friedman) along with the 1929 film Hallelujah by King Vidor.

ART EDUC 7725 (Re-Imagining Research Writing):

Abby was the research sharer this week, where she touched on her own work, and then got on to discuss our thesis topic. The class took to it really well, and is eager to listen to my presentation on my own work and take of the project next week when I present. we also discussed many of the readings including:

Wolcott Ch. 5

Doty pgs. 45-63

Cole: What is Dark is Not Empty

Haiku: Nature of Poetry

We then needed to write 3 Haiku poems for class dealing with contemporary life. I thought I would relate it to my literal life on what was going on that day:


Our fights are long over

We are in a better place

Now time for more love


You encircle me

Representing grief, love, time

Each day you shimmer


Sepia, Cyan It has been four fluffy years

You are still bitches ----------------------------------------

This assignment is

Uncomfortable, okay?

No more of these please


GRA (Graduate Research Assistant):

I finally was able to get the phoneme and poses completed on the Bryne rig. Below they are

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