October 7th-11th, 2019:

I'm getting terrible at consistently doing a post of my work! But I am going to try and really focus on it from here on out (insert all of you reading this rolling your eyes right about now).

For the past couple of weeks, my focus has been on my conference paper (first one ever!). Let me tell you, it is quite the process. But it's been encouraging to see my words and defense consistently grow stronger with every iteration I create. It's due October 10th (so only a couple days after this post!) and thus far, I am happy with the content.

I am writing about my "Design Process for Enhancing Visual Expressive Qualities of Characters from Performance Capture into Virtual Reality". It's diving into my beginning framework for how to create expressive pieces of animation, specifically for virtual reality. We compare VR to so many mediums before it such as film, television, video games, animation, etc. But really, since it's still in an infant state of being, it's developing its own language, and as designers, we need to discover how to work within its guidelines and standards. So specifically working with performance capture, I am trying to interweave my findings into a theoretical process for animation in VR.

Eventually once it is out there and published, I'll post a link to it, but for now it's a work in progress that's progressing every day.

As for my research project, that is...slowly happening. With my focus going into my paper and my GRA hours, it's been hard to section out time, but also just have any enjoyment in doing the project because of all the technical software issues that have been occurring.

I have agreed to set a deadline pre fall break for updates to Vita and Jeanine (therefore little time!) But I am providing information in a Buckeye Box link with all of my work in folders based off of my sessions. Separate folders are being made for (1) Live Action Reference Videos, (2) Untouched Raw Mocap Data, (3) Cleaned Mocap Data, (4) Retargeted Mocap Data, (5) Data Animation Layers, and (6) Side by Side Comparison videos.

From there, they will provide me feedback indicating which animations I should put more attention on, and also which ones I should solidify and choose for the project. Receiving their feedback will help me as a designer move forward because it'll be fresh eyes reviewing the emotion of the scenes, feeling the story and seeing if it is compelling enough through the actors' performance.

I can then take my next steps and start uploading them into VR and placing them throughout the environment.

More to come!