September 16th-20th, 2019:

Goals for this week:

- Solidify Blade 3.4.1 vs. Shogun 1.2.1 debates

- Get those (above) software updated on my computer

- Complete retargeting data onto characters

- Redesign characters

- Update draft of writing

- Complete IRB sections!

- Readings

Thesis Project:

- The data is working!!! Finally, once getting Blade 3.4.1 on my computer, I was able to open up my data and export them as FBXs to then retarget into Motion Builder. I created a spreadsheet to help me make sure all of my data was run through a cleanup pipeline (just double checking since this work was done in the summer), seeing if the HDFs opened, exported them as C3Ds and FBXs, and then began the retargeting process onto the new character designs.

I'll be uploading pre-cleanup post-clean up videos soon once I start playblasting them after all of the FBX exports.

Thesis Writing:

- This week, I took Maria's feedback on my draft of the process conference paper to include more on my theories, update it to academic writing, and go deeper into explanations of the processes.

Right now I am struggling to understand if my paper is making sense. I no longer have virgin ears or eyes to it, and feel like I've beaten it with to a dead horse state, but really it might read clearly. I just need that feedback. I've sent it to my other committee members to see their feedback responses, which I hope to get this week.

The abstract and introduction are also giving me issues. I think that I am overthinking them, hence why I am saving them for the last part. But once I know the rest of the paper is in a good state, that is when it'll start coming together, and those portions will be easy to execute.

I met with Marie also to get some prototypes of designs for new diagrams. Those again will hopefully solidify this week. She seemed to understand the process of each of the steps when she re-explained them to me in her own words, but didn't know if the time portion of the diagrams was arbitrary or precise. So she's going to try and make that area a little more clearer and we can go over them together once I see those finalizations.

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