September 1st-8th, 2018:

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

DSN 6400 (Graduate Design Studio):

Below is a link to our project proposal for the couple of weeks. We've narrowed it down to being something of showing the authorship of how TiltBrush can be so much more in the medium of design than what people think. We want to experiment with its assets, show those prototypes, and the create a collaborative end product that showcases all of those features.

DSN 6400 Project 1

FILM 7000 (Graduate Studies in Film History):

We had our first reader presentation, presented by Alex in class about

ENG 6778.01 (Introduction to Graduate Study in Film and Film Theory):

ART EDUC 7725 (Re-Imagining Research Writing):We didn't have class this week due to Labor Day, but as for assignments, we finally began figuring out what steps we have to take in order to begin our writing and be confident with it. Here are some links to the articles below of what we needed to read, and then the response papers with it.

Each of the response papers are how I absorbed the material from that reading in order to help my research. It's quite difficult for some to be interpreted, and easy for others. Wolcott textbook - Preface, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Weekly Reading Response 4 - Wolcott

Doty textbook - The Art of Description pgs. 3-11 Weekly Reading Response 4 - Doty

Stout & Daiello - Arts-Based Writing: The Performance of Our Lives

Weekly Reading Response 4 - Stout_Daiello On Photography

Weekly Reading Response 4 - Dyer

GRA (Graduate Research Assistant):

Upon further discussion with the medical research project, we are still going to use and do testing with the Fuse characters, but instead of using blendshapes, we are going to re-rig the face to match a previous rig from a project ACCAD did earlier. So I've been working on taking out the previous rigged bones of a face we used with our Virtual Patient project, and then bringing that into our Fuse Character to be used. This requires replacing the joints and then also a lot of paint weight happening. Here is the progress below:

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